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What We Get 2 - Social Ills

At the individual level we see increased alienation, depression, and substance abuse, and at the family level increased spouse and child abuse and divorce. At the community level we see failures of commercial districts and residential neighborhoods and increased crime.

As individuals fall into dependency, not only do they draw government subsidies, but they pay less income, property, and sales taxes, undermining the tax base. Local governments are less able to fund roads, schools, and parks, police and fire departments, and other essential infrastructure and services. The problem is worsened as communities try to outbid each other with tax abatements in attempts to lure employers from other locations.

News and Events

May 15, 2014, Ontario, CA - MIAA's founder, Jim Stuber, delivered the keynote address at the 20th annual World Trade Conference sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the California Inland Empire District Export Council in Ontario, California.  To view the conference agenda, click here:

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May 7, 2015, Radnor, PA.  MIAA's founder, Jim Stuber, appeared as the guest of host Richard J. Anthony, Sr. on The Entrepreneur's Network TV at Radnor Studio 21.  The program featured a discussion of the problems caused by offshoring manufacturing and white collar jobs and how consmers can solve the problem with their spending decisions. 

Studio 21 has made the program available for viewing here:

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